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The Marlowe test Logo

The Marlowe Online Server - WEB Interface

Recent updates to the software


Version 4.15 released

 - Added Apps
 - Added history to XCSV with go back option
 - Package tests completed and implemented throughout
 - Improved file manager
 - Improved admin
 - Added webpage template importer
 - Improved image gallery

Version 4.9 released

 - File properties
 - User space
 - Multi Language
 - New Drag and Drop system
 - XCSV conditional columns, rows. XCSV emails
 - Form undo
 - Tutorials added
 - XCSV View Def revamp
 - Various tweaks, tools and fixes
 - New mhtm editor
 - XCSV locking, XCSV calculations, and XCSV reporting

Version 4 released

 - Major code review and improvements to the server side code
 - C code upgraded to use C++ components
 - Back end XCSV manipulation
 - XCSV User functions
 - Multiple bug fices
 - Code improvements throughout
 - Many other added features

Version 3.5 released

 - Complete revamp of 'MiniTable' panel
 - Support for XML
 - New XCSV format, allows a CSV file to be defined with XML
 - New XCSV editor, allows easy configuration of a CSV file
 - Custom Views of CSV rows
 - New Panels to allow XCSV to be displayed as:
 - - Listing, with filters, sorter, compare, search
 - - Advert, rotate between the rows in the CSV file
 - - Menu, generates a tiered menu of the CSV data
 - - Search, add ability to search CSV data
 - Improvements to CSS generator, and additional options
 - Updated Cookie policy message

Version 3 released

 - Major code review, restructure and majority rewrite
 - New standardised User Interface throughout
 - New file manager User Interface with drag and drop
 - Improved Upload functionality
 - New 'button' panel
 - New website error reporting system
 - Extension to CSV viewer for hidden fields, and single row view
 - Additional styles (page width, menu options, side bar, page fonts)
 - Style auto generator - complete rewrite
 - Multiple fixes / improvements to consistency
 - Draft copies are now completely independant
 - Support for non-javascript browsers (and search engines)
 - Tutorial updated to reflect latest changes
 - Activity Logging (access, errors)
 - W3c validation removed

Version 2 released

- Mobile browser support
- Update to image galleries
- Major speed improvements
- Master files now inherit from other Master files
- New CSV viewer panel - with filters and ordering
- Multiple style improvements
- Many internal enhancements

Version 1 finished

- Sitemap panel added
- Robots.txt generator
- Google Analytics support
- Listings now grouped
- Underscores to spaces in filenames and page names
- CodeMirrors editor added for editing JS, CSS etc
- Favicon supported
- New News system
- News panel on pages
- New User Wizard
- Users have customisable permissions
- Image gallery now optionally rotates, with seeking
- Web page Wizard includes search engine fields
- Web page Wizard creates non JavaScript version of page
- Non JavaScript Editor
- Search Engine keyword and description editor
- Improved the link editor for panels
- New advanced edit mode in the page editor
- Ported to Linux on a VPS
- Added new spiral and zoom entrances
- Added optional folding to all panels
- Added a new 'Bouncing' entrance effect option
- Added 'lighter text' option to CSS tool
- Fixed W3C compliance
- Help manual built into this website
- Several Additions to CSS tool, including inheritance
- New panel menu
- Added highlight effect to tab buttons
- Complete revamp of CSS
- Now uses CSS3 PIE
- Allows greater customisation
- Added tabs option to tables
- Changed default page to include Home
- Added new structure / table panel
- Improved the edit mode in pages
- Added hyperlinks to all panels
- Added galleries
- Security enhancement
- Updated file system to use expand / collapse
- Fixed all W3C errors - now W3C compatible
- Added inheritance from a master page
Previous updates took effect before first release.
- Version 3 (several bug fixes)
- Fixed Image Gallery fault
- Fixed 'New Page Wizard' defaults
- Fixed Admin commands under linux
- Version 2 (several bug fixes)
- Fixed hidden areas issue by new advanced mode
- Fixed pound sign '£' not displaying correctly
- Fixed some styling issues
- Fixed W3C compliance
- Fixed use of single quotes in text corrupting JavaScript

The Marlowe Online Server WEB Interface



Hosted by the Marlowe Online Server WEB Interface