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The Marlowe Online Server - WEB Interface

Editing a Webpage

How to build websites with ease

Page Edit bar
The edit bar that appears at the top of a webpage when in edit mode.

Editing a Webpage

This applies to both master pages and standard pages.
To edit a webpage, click on it in the file manager and it will open in its own window.
In the editor, you see a small bar at the top of the page (this bar is shown at the top of this body area). Everything underneath this bar should look and behave exactly the same as the page will actually appear.

Page editing modes

There are 3 page editing modes:
Preview - this is an exact representation of how your page will appear in reality.
Edit mode - this is a fairly close representation of the page, except some features will be disabled, and every panel will display an 'edit' icon when hovered over and an 'add' icon at the end.
Advanced mode - to give a clearer idea of how your page is laid out, use this mode - it looks nothing like how the page will really appear, but is very useful for editing.
You can only edit panels in edit mode or advanced mode, the edit options are not available in preview mode.

Editing an existing panel

To edit an existing panel, you must be in edit or advanced mode.
You can either double click on the panel, or click the pop up 'edit' button.
The edit pane appears at the very top of the page, and contains 2 sets of options, 'General Settings' and 'Panel Specific Settings'.

General Settings

Every panel (except the Inherit panel which is a very special case - see below) has the same General Settings.
These settings allow you to do the following things to a panel.
Place a title above the panel (this is in a 'h3' tag)
Make the entire panel a hyperlink to another page or file (internal or external)
Arrange the panel horizontally or vertically with other panels
Make the panel foldable (so that it shrinks into its own title) and select whether it starts folded or not.
Other settings may get added here.
There is help text alongside each of these options.

Panel Specific Settings

These depend of the panel being edited, and there is usually help text provided for the form. More detailed information about specific panels may be added to this tutorial.

Deleting a Panel

To delete a panel, first edit the panel, and then select 'Delete Panel' from the bottom of the edit pane.

Moving a Panel around an Area

To move a panel in the same area (up or down) first edit the panel, then use the "Move Panel Up" and "Move Panel Down" buttons, each time you click this the panel will move in the area.

Move Panel to other Area

You can move a panel to a different area by first editing the panel, and then choosing the new area from the list at the bottom of the edit pane. Then click "Move" to move the panel.

Discarding Panel Changes

If you do not want to save the changes you make to a panel you can click 'Discard Changes'. this will ignore all changes you have made to that panel.
To discard all changes to a page, do not save the page - simply close and re-open it to see the earlier version.

Adding a panel

To add a panel you must be in edit or advanced mode.
In the required area, click the 'Add' icon. This will display a list of every panel type of available.
Each panel has help text to describe what it does.
To add a panel, select the panel from the list.
The edit pane for this panel will now appear, containing the initial default values for this type of panel. You can customise this and press Preview to see your panel.

Saving the Web Page

The webpage is edited in the browser, once you are happy with the changes you must save your changes back to the server.
If no changes have been made the 'Save' icon is disabled (greyed out) otherwise clicking this will save the page back to the server and reload it. This is a complete reload - so if everything looks OK, the page save was success.

Closing the Editor

To close the editor (you may need to save first - see section above) either just close the page, or click the 'Exit' button. The 'Exit' button is safer as it will recommend you save changes if any are outstanding.

The 'About' button

This tells you information about the page, when it was last edited, and who by.
You can also find the current software version here.
Panel Edit
The buttons displayed in edit mode.
Panel Settings
The panel settings pane that contains the general, and panel specific settings.
Advanced mode
This is what advanced mode will look like - it is designed to make the page layout clearer.
Add Panels
This is a cropped image of some of panels that are available.

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