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The Marlowe Online Server - WEB Interface

Managing Users

How to build websites with ease

Managing Users

You can add multiple users to your account each with a different level of access.
A user comprises of the following attributes:
Username - the name they log in with
Password - the password they log in with
Permissions - a collection of express permissions they have

The permissions

A user can have a variety of permissions assigned to them.
Permissions include file operations such as delete, rename, add folder etc, and also include whether a specific type of file can be viewed or edited. Note that permissions to view and edit a file are separate. A user may have permission to view a file, but not edit it.

Guest Users

A guest user is any user who is not logged in. You can apply permissions to the 'guest' user to allow them to browse your web pages for example. By default, use the 'Reset Guest User' option in the 'Create a New User' tool in the admin page.

Creating a user

Creating a user is done from the 'Create a New User' tool in the Administration page - see 'Understanding your Administration page'.

Editing a user

All user access files are stored in your System Access folder.
Using the file manager in the Website Administration Page, navigate to
In this folder you should find the file for the user, named something like '.fred.x'.
Click on this file to edit - you will need to be the 'Admin' user, or have the correct permissions to edit user files.

Changing details about a user

From the user editor, you have options to change their password and email address.
Once you have made the changes you need to, click 'Save'.

Changing the permissions for a user

Firstly, the 'Admin' user has 'ADMIN' permissions by default, and will always have ADMIN permissions even if their permissions are changed in Admin user file.
'ADMIN' user permissions simply mean that the user has every permission available.
If you do manage to lock yourself out of a user, the Admin user should be able to fix it, failing that, please contact the system provider.


At the bottom of the user editor screen is the list of all of the current system permissions. More permissions may be added in the future. You can also add your own permissions, but this is an advanced feature - contact your system provider.
You can select multiple permissions by pressing CTRL and clicking.
Permissions not selected will not be granted to the user, they can only do the actions you are providing for them.


It is strongly recommended that you test the user account after changing any user details to ensure it behaves correctly.
Edit User
The User Editor with some of the permissions.

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