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The Marlowe Online Server - WEB Interface

Tutorial - Getting started

How to build websites with ease

Getting Started

Before you start you will need your website log in details.
To access your website you will use the website administration page. The URL to get here will have been provided to you, and will look something like this.
You will also need your username, (which may be 'Admin', but can be anything) and the password you were provided with.
When you visit the admin page for the first time, you will see the standard WEB logon screen. This screen appears any time you need to log in to access a page a guest can not see.
A guest is a user who is not logged in.
You will also see the exact same screen in the page you are accessing does not exist - this means that anyone attempting to gain access to your system won't even know what files are there - let alone access them.
Enter your log in details and click 'Log In' to gain access to the website administration page.

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