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The Marlowe Online Server - WEB Interface

Understanding your administration page

How to build websites with ease

Understanding your Administration Page

Your administration page is divided into 3 areas.
The 'File Manager' - where you can view / organise / edit files
The 'Tools' menu - where you can perform tasks on your account
The "About your file manager" area - which displays on screen help to explain how your file manager works
Because the file manager is explain on the page, we will mainly focus on the 'Tools' menu in this section.

The Tools menu

Each tools is on its own button, the button has a short label that explains what it does and a help icon.
Help icons are found throughout the WEB interface, when you hover over a help icon you can more information about that section.
The Tools menu is split into categories to make it easier to find the tool you want - this will become more important when other tools are added.

Changing your password

To change the password of the user you are logged in as, use the Change Password task. (To change someone elses password you must be the Admin user - and use the user file editor).
Click the 'Change Password' tool.
This opens an area at the top of the screen. In here you can enter your new password.
When you change your password - you will need to log in again with the new password.

Changing your email address

This is the same as changing password, except you will not need to log in again at the end.

Creating a new Account

Creating a new account is described in the Accounts tutorial page.

Create a New User

You can add additional users to access your account.
Click the 'Create a New User' button to start.
Here you can enter the details for a new user.
You can also click the 'Reset Guest User' to reset the guest user account to zero.
The guest user account is used for anyone who has not logged in.
For information about editing user accounts, see the 'Edit User' page.

Regex Converter

This is a developer feature, and allows you to edit / reformat large text blocks using regular expressions. Please use the vast resources online for regex help.

Create Robots.txt

Search engines use a robots.txt file to find out search and crawling rules about your website.
This tool creates a very simple Robot.txt file that basically says "Anyone search engine can see me".

Tools Conclusion

There may well me more tools added - if a tool is added and is not documented here, please report this.

Admin page
The Administration page, showing the 3 main areas.
Change Password
The change password dialogue.
Add User Dialogue
The Add User dialogue, with the 'Reset Guest User' button.

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